Accreditation of the press

Please note that due to limited capacity of the premises registration is possible only until September 25, 2015.

Please note that the organizers are NOT able to provide you with travel and accommodation costs.

Please indicate in the registration form your preferences for particular Sessions (both for Day 1 and Day 2). Each Session will host approximately 20 guests and the organizers will do their best to register you to one particular you have chosen.

Please note that participation could be taken in one Session per day only.


Day 1

Academic Event - Does the EU need a Foreign Policy?

Registration of Participants at Hotel Hyatt Regency

Session 1: Kosovo and Serbia - How Much Longer Before Normality?

Session 2: Corporate Security - The Challenge of Good Management

Side Event: Book Presentation - "The European External Action Service: European Diplomacy Post-Westphalia"

The Berlin Process in Belgrade: The EU as a Peace Project Revisited in the Western Balkans

Registration of Participants at Hotel Hyatt Regency

Session 3: Here to Stay? The Rise of Inequality and Persistence of Poverty

Session 4: Countering the Tide of Radicalization: In Search of a Comprehensive Response

Session 5: Towards a Sustainable Future - Gender Equality in Inclusive Societies

Day 2

Registration of Participants at Hotel Hyatt Regency

Welcoming Speech

Plenary Panel 1: Reaffirmation of OSCE's Role in Conflict Management

Plenary Panel 2: The Future of Political Islam in Europe

Plenary panel 3: The Crisis in Ukraine - Lessons (not) Learned from the Western Balkans

Session 6: Germany, the Reluctant Leader of Europe?

Session 7: Keeping NATO Strong and Relevant: What Priorities Toward the Warsaw Summit 2016?

Session 8: Privatization of Security in Transforming Societies - Main Challenges to Democratic Governance

Special Side Event: Awarding of the Honorary Citizen of Belgrade Title to Mr. Thorvald Stoltenberg

BSF Gala dinner (Upon separate invitation)

Day 3

Registration of Participants at Hotel Hyatt Regency

Session 9: The Russian Dilemma: What Kind of International Order is Russia Seeking?

Session 10: New Ways of Energy Exploitation: Changing the Habitat for Good or Bad

Session 11: When Nations Move: The Failure of Migration Policies

Plenary Panel 4: Improving the European Model of Governance: Ways Forward

Keynote Address

Closing Address