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Giselle Wilz

Commander, NATO Sarajevo HQ


Giselle M. WilzBrig. Gen. Giselle M. Wilz has taken over the command of NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 9 June 2015. In this position she will advise local authorities regarding military aspects of security sector reform and command the forces of the North Atlantic Alliance operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her duties will include cooperation with the European Union Force (EUFOR) to ensure a stable and secure environment in the country and the respect of the General Framework Agreement for Peace concluded at Dayton. In addition, she is to consult with local authorities on the implementation activities of the NATO Partnership for Peace program and further reforms needed for successful membership in the North Atlantic Alliance. General Wilz was previously the Head of Staff for the Army National Guard of North Dakota. Born in Richardton, North Dakota, where she began her military career in November 1983, General Wilz received the rank of lieutenant in 1986 and since then has performed various command positions, from platoon commander, detachment commander, company commander, operations officer, executive officer, battalion commander, operations officer for the brigade to brigade commander. Being at the forefront is not unusual for General Wilz, who was the first female colonel, chief of staff and general in the North Dakota Army National Guard before becoming Commander of NHQSa. She comes from a family with a strong military background that includes her father and three of her five siblings. Between them, they have more than 165 years of military service.