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Daniel Mondekar

President of the Committee for European Integration, the Croatian Parliament


image1Daniel Mondekar is a member of the Croatian Parliament and Chairman of the European Affairs Committee. His main activities include hearings on European Commission documents and the scrutiny of governmental work in the Council of the European Union and the European Council. He is also a member of the Main Committee of the Social Democratic Party. Mr Mondekar was the founder and Secretary General of the Centre for Training and Consulting in Education, Science and Innovation and founder of the Croatian Centre for Development and EU funds. He has extensive experience on European affairs, capacity building projects and in promoting EU integration policies. He graduated in Croatian Studies at the University of Zagreb. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Information Sciences on Digital Europe and is a European Affairs and European policies lecturer at different higher education institutions. Mr Mondekar is also one of the founding members of EUstar, a Brussels based South East European Think Tank.