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Alex Roinishvili Grigorev

President, Council for Inclusive Governance


Alex Roinishvili GrigorevAlex Roinishvili Grigorev is the Founding President the US-based Council for Inclusive Governance (CIG). He is also a Professor in International Peace and Conflict Resolution at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania. Educated in history and international affairs and an expert on Balkan politics and ethnic relations, Grigorev, among his other CIG duties, facilitates discussions of political and ethnic leaders in the Balkans and leads programs on fostering democratic governance and minority inclusion. More about CIG is at Prior to heading CIG, Grigorev was the Executive Director of the Princeton-based Project on Ethnic Relations (PER) where he developed and conducted programs on interethnic relations in Southeast Europe and the former Soviet Union. PER helped to develop first minority legislation in a number of post-Communist countries. Before joining PER he was an analyst at the Calvert Emerging Europe Fund in New York City. Grigorev has been working in the Balkans since 1991 and is the author of numerous articles, essays, and reports on Balkan politics and interethnic relations published in the United States and Europe. He lectures in the US, Europe, and the Middle East on ethnic conflict, governance, and international relations. Professor Grigorev holds degrees in international affairs and history from Columbia University, the Central European University, the State University of New York, Moscow State University as well as a mediation certificate from the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.