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Elisabeth Nauclér

Member of Parliament, Parliament of Finland


Elisabeth Nauclér

Elisabeth Nauclér, Member of Parliament 2007-15 Finland. Born in Sweden and trained as a lawyer, the first woman to represent the Åland Islands’ in the Finnish Parliament. Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Constitutional Committee, the Employment and Equality Committee, and representing the Åland Islands in the Grand Committee (European affairs), and deputy member of the Finnish Delegation to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. She has been a civil servant with the Government of Åland, Parliament of Åland and Secretary General to the Åland Delegation of the Nordic Council, and before becoming Member of the Finnish Parliament she served as the Director General to the Government of Åland. From 1993-96 Civil Affairs Officer with the UN peacekeeping operation in former Yugoslavia. Chairperson of the Human Rights Group in the Finnish Parliament, Member of the Finnish Delegation to CEDAW, UN and the Women Caucasus.

Parliament of Finland