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Dejan Pavlović

Deputy Director, Function for Corporate Protection, NIS


Dejan Pavlović

Dejan Pavlović was born in 1973 in Sombor, Serbia. He is the Deputy Director of the Function for Corporate Security in NIS, dealing with economic security and the Director of the Directorate for Corporate Security in NIS. He graduated from the Military Gymnasium and the Military Academy in Belgrade in 1995. From 1995 until 1998 he was a commander in the Yugoslav Army, after which he transferred to the Military Intelligence Service of the Yugoslav Army and the Military Intelligence Service of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia.  His corporate career began in 2008, when Mr. Pavlović started working in NIS as Director of the Directorate for Risk Management. After the foundation of NIS Gazpromneft in 2009, he participated in the organization and formation of Corporate Security which soon became a substantial support to the business and he soon took over the Directorate for Corporate Security. He was proclaimed the best corporate security manager in 2012 by the Serbian Association of Corporate Security Managers.