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Ljubiša Mijačić

Researcher and Advisor on Project Development, Zubin Potok


Ljubiša MijačićLjubiša Mijačić has been engaged as an architect in infrastructure development programs in Kosovo funded by national institutions, USAID, EU and other donor agencies the total value of which exceeds €20 million. Today, though Mr Mijačić still works on these programs and projects he is more involved in fund raising than actual implementation. As an assistant to the mayor of Zubin Potok from 2004 to 2008, he was responsible for the acquisition of a total of €2.4 million from the NIP grant scheme. When compared to the actual population on the territory those assets made the municipality of Zubin Potok the primary beneficiary of this program within the Republic of Serbia. During the last 8 years, his career has shifted toward  economic development as he works as advisor and consultant for various clients and organizations in Kosovo. In 2010 alongside the NGO KRC from Zubin Potok, he was the author and project manager of the first ever project under the IPA EURED grants scheme in northern Kosovo. This project provided a way forward for the northern Kosovo NGOs and entrepreneurs. He was the author of several other IPAs and grants awarded in northern Kosovo and has been hired by national and international organizations to write project proposals. After completing his Master studies in the USA, he was invited to join the EWG (Environmental Working Group) and to work for the USAID Mission in Kosovo as an External Environmental Advisor on the environmental compliance procedures for the all USAID implementing partners and programs in Kosovo. Since February 2014 Mr Mijačić has worked as the UNDP advisor to the Mayor of Zubin Potok. His program portfolio focuses on the integration of northern Kosovo municipalities into the Kosovo system.