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İsmail Yaylacı

Assistant Professor, İstanbul Şehir University

İsmail Yaylacıİsmail Yaylacı
is an assistant professor of Political Science and International Relations at Istanbul Şehir University. He attained his undergraduate degrees in Political Science and International Relations and in Sociology at Boğaziçi University (2005), and then completed his masters’ in Political Science and International Relations at the same institution with his thesis, titled “’A Democratic Realist’ Foreign Policy: U.S. Democracy Promotion in the Middle East and the Case of Egypt” (2007). The same year he started his doctoral studies in Political Science at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, U.S.A., and completed it in 2014. His dissertation, “Performative Socialization in World Politics: Islamism, Secularism and Democracy in Turkey and Egypt,” develops a theoretical framework to understand how widely aspired but deeply contested modern ideals get negotiated when they travel across cultural difference. It then uses that framework to analyze the ways in which Islamically-oriented political formations in Turkey and Egypt engage, translate, and appropriate democracy and secularism in their local and global contexts. Yaylacı is the co-editor of Civilizations and World Order: Geopolitics and Cultural Difference (with Fred Dallmayr and M. Akif Kayapınar, Lexington Books, 2014). His publications appeared in Divan Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, International Journal of Middle East Studies and Anlayış Magazine. His research interests include international relations theory, international norms and institutions, global governance, international security, Turkish foreign policy, Middle East politics, Islam and politics, democratic theory and democratization, secularity and secularisms, contemporary social and political theory, postcolonial theory, Islamic political thought, and comparative political theory.