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September 30, 2015  | Day 1
9.00 - 15.30

Academic Event - Does the EU need a Foreign Policy?

16.00 - 16.30

Registration of Participants at Hotel Hyatt Regency

16.30 - 18.00

Session 1: Kosovo and Serbia - How Much Longer Before Normality?

Marko Đurić‚ 

Director, Government of Serbia Office for Kosovo and Metohija‚

Ramadan Ilazi‚ 

Deputy Minister of European Integration, Government of Kosovo‚

Samuel Žbogar‚ 

EU Special Representative in Kosovo‚

Gordana Čomić‚ 

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly,Serbia ‚

Ilir Deda‚ 

Member of Assembly of Kosovo (Self-Determination Movement)‚

Dukagjin Gorani‚ 

Chairman, Common Voice, Kosovo‚

Ljubiša Mijačić‚ 

Researcher and Advisor on Project Development, Zubin Potok‚

Moderator: Alex Roinishvili Grigorev‚ 

President, Council for Inclusive Governance‚

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16.30 - 18.00

Session 2: Corporate Security - The Challenge of Good Management

Zoran Keković‚ 

Faculty of Security, University of Belgrade‚

Dejan Pavlović‚ 

Deputy Director, Function for Corporate Protection, NIS‚

Miro Miskin‚ 

Head of Security and Internal Control, Security and Internal Control, M:tel‚

Moderator: Gorislav Papić‚ 

Editor, Radio Television of Serbia‚

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16.30 - 18.00

Side Event: Book Presentation - "The European External Action Service: European Diplomacy Post-Westphalia"

Jozef Bátora‚ 

Comenius University, Slovakia‚

David Spence‚ 

Senior Visiting Fellow, LSE European Institute, UK‚

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18.30 - 20.30

The Berlin Process in Belgrade: The EU as a Peace Project Revisited in the Western Balkans

Florian Bieber‚ 

Professor of Southeast European Studies and director of the Centre for Southeast European Studies at the University of Graz‚

Selmo Cikotić‚ 

Dean, American School of Government, American University in BiH‚

Christian Danielsson‚ 

Director General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement negotiations, DG NEAR, European Commission‚

Alex Roinishvili Grigorev‚ 

President, Council for Inclusive Governance‚

Ramadan Ilazi‚ 

Deputy Minister of European Integration, Government of Kosovo‚

Mladen Ivanić‚ 

Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina ‚

Dejan Jović‚ 

Professor, Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb‚

Remzi Lani‚ 

Executive Director of the Albanian Media Institute‚

Sonja Licht‚ 

President of the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence‚

Leon Malazogu‚ 

Executive Director, Democracy for Development, Priština‚

Daniel Mondekar‚ 

President of the Committee for European Integration, the Croatian Parliament‚

Hedvig Morvai‚ 

Director of the European Fund for the Balkans‚

Moderator: Ivan Vejvoda‚ 

Senior Vice President of the German Marshall Fund‚

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20.30 - 21.00

Registration of Participants at Hotel Hyatt Regency

21.00 - 22.30

Session 3: Here to Stay? The Rise of Inequality and Persistence of Poverty

Milica Uvalić‚ 

Professor, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Perugia, Italy‚

William Bartlett‚ 

Associate Professorial Research Fellow, European Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science‚

Tobias Flessenkemper‚ 

Senior Associate Researcher am Centre International de Formation Européenne (CIFE)‚

Moderator:Jelena Žarković Rakić‚ 

Director, Foundation for the Advancement of Economics (FREN), Belgrade, Serbia‚

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21.00 - 22.30

Session 4: Countering the Tide of Radicalization: In Search of a Comprehensive Response

Alastair Crooke‚ 

Founder and Director, Conflicts Forum‚

Florian Qehaja‚ 

Executive Director, Kosovar Centre for Security Studies‚

Andrej Rupnik‚ 

Senior Advisor, Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control and Armed Forces (DCAF) Ljubljana‚

Franz-Stephan Gady‚ 

Senior Fellow, East-West Institute‚

Moderator: Karsten Friis‚ 

Senior Adviser, Head of the Research Group for Security and Defense, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI)‚

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21.00 - 22.30

Session 5: Towards a Sustainable Future - Gender Equality in Inclusive Societies

Shelley Inglis‚ 

Head of the Governance and Peace-building Team, UNDP‚

Simona Miculescu‚ 

Director, UN Office in Belgrade‚

Elisabeth Nauclér‚ 

Member of Parliament, Parliament of Finland ‚

Wallace Chwala‚ 

Winner of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) and Brookings Institution Speech-writing Contest of the Secretary General of the United Nations‚

Moderator: Irena Vojáčková-Sollorano‚ 

UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, Serbia‚

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October 1, 2015 | Day 2
8.20 - 9.20

Registration of Participants at Hotel Hyatt Regency

9.20 – 9.30

Welcoming Speech

Sonja Licht‚ 

President, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence‚

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9.30 - 11.00

Plenary Panel 1: Reaffirmation of OSCE's Role in Conflict Management

Amb. Roksanda Ninčić‚ 

State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Serbia‚

Amb. Gérard Stoudmann‚ 

Special Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office for the Western Balkans‚

Amb. Jonathan Moore‚ 

Head of OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina‚

Amb. István Gyarmati‚ 

President, International Centre for Democratic Transition‚

Teija Tiilikainen‚ 

Former State Secretary, Director of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs‚

Chair: Nik Gowing‚ 

International Broadcaster and Visiting Professor in War Studies, Kings College London‚

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11.30 - 13.00

Plenary Panel 2: The Future of Political Islam in Europe

François Heisbourg‚ 

Chairman of the International Institute of Strategic Studies and of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy‚

Álvaro De Vasconcelos‚ 

Director of Projects for the Arab Reform Initiative‚

İsmail Yaylacı‚ 

Assistant Professor, İstanbul Şehir University‚

Chair: Tim Judah‚ 

Balkan Correspodent, The Economist‚

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14.30 - 16.00

Plenary panel 3: The Crisis in Ukraine - Lessons (not) Learned from the Western Balkans

Ted Whiteside‚ 

Acting Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy, NATO‚

Andrei Zagorski‚ 

Head of Department for Disarmament, Arms Control and Conflict Resolution, Institute for World Economy and World Politics, Russian academy of Sciences; Professor, Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO-University)‚

Andriy Veselovsky‚ 

Member, Advisory Board, Institute for Social and Economic Studies‚

James Sherr‚ 

Associate Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Program, Chatham House‚

Chair: Vessela Tcherneva‚ 

Head of the Wider Europe program, Senior Policy Fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations‚

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16.30 - 18.00

Session 6: Germany, the Reluctant Leader of Europe?

François Heisbourg‚ 

Chairman of the International Institute of Strategic Studies and of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy‚

Amb. Cameron Munter‚ 

Chief Executive Officer, EastWest Institute‚

H.E. Axel Dittmann‚ 

Ambassador of Germany to Serbia ‚

Adam Rotfeld‚ 

Professor, Warsaw University; Co-Chairman, Polish-Russian Group, Difficult Matters; Commissioner, Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative Commission‚

Elmar Brok‚ 

Member of the European Parliament, Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs‚

Moderator: Sandra Breka‚ 

Senior Vice President of the Robert Bosch Foundation‚

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16.30 - 18.00

Session 7: Keeping NATO Strong and Relevant: What Priorities Toward the Warsaw Summit 2016?

H.E. Momir Udovički‚ 

Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to NATO‚

Giselle Wilz‚ 

Commander, NATO Sarajevo HQ‚

Tamir Waser‚ 

Political Adviser, US Mission to NATO‚

Claudia Major‚ 

Senior Associate, International Security, SWP Berlin‚

Moderator: Ivan Vejvoda‚ 

Senior Vice President of the German Marshall Fund of the United States‚

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16.30 - 18.00

Session 8: Privatization of Security in Transforming Societies - Main Challenges to Democratic Governance

Rositsa Dzhekova‚ 

Coordinator, Security Program, Center for the Study of Democracy, Sofia‚

Nataša R. Ignjatović‚ 

Superintendent of Department for monitoring and oversight of private security and detectives in Police Department and Head Police Advisor‚

Branimir Bekić‚ 

Security Director/CSO, Vojvodjanska banka member of NBG group‚

Moderator: Alan Bryden‚ 

Assistant Director and Head of the Public-Private Partnerships Division, Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control and Armed Forces (DCAF)‚

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19:00 - 20:00

Special Side Event: Awarding of the Honorary Citizen of Belgrade Title to Mr. Thorvald Stoltenberg


BSF Gala dinner (Upon separate invitation)

October 2, 2015 | Day 3
8.30 - 9.30

Registration of Participants at Hotel Hyatt Regency

9.30 - 11.00

Session 9: The Russian Dilemma: What Kind of International Order is Russia Seeking?

Marcus Felsner‚ 

Chairman, Osteuropaverein (the Eastern Europe Business Association of Germany)‚

Sharyl Cross‚ 

Director of the Kozmetsky Center at St. Edward's University, Austin, USA and Global Policy Fellow, Kennan Institute Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington DC‚

Timur Makhmutov‚ 

Deputy Director of Programs, Russian International Affairs Council‚

Pavol Demeš‚ 

Senior Transatlantic Fellow, the German Marshall Fund of the United States‚

Moderator: Vladimir Baranovsky‚ 

Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Centre for Situation Analysis (CSA), Member of the Board of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations IMEMO‚

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9.30 - 11.00

Session 10: New Ways of Energy Exploitation: Changing the Habitat for Good or Bad

Garret Tankosić-Kelly‚ 

Principal and Founder, SEE Change Net‚

Aleksandar Kovačević‚ 

Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies‚

Julian Popov‚ 

Fellow, European Climate Foundation; Chairman, Board of Directors, Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE)‚

Moderator: H.E. Milan Simurdić‚ 

Ambassador of Republic of Serbia to Norway and Iceland‚

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9.30 - 11.00

Session 11: When Nations Move: The Failure of Migration Policies

Anna Terrón i Cusí‚ 

President of InStrategies‚

Radoš Đurović‚ 

Executive Director, Asylum Protection Center‚

Despina Syrri‚ 

Expert Advisor, Regional Cooperation Council‚

Moderator: Vladimir Petronijević‚ 

Executive Director, Group 484‚

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11.30 - 13.30

Plenary Panel 4: Improving the European Model of Governance: Ways Forward

H.E. Michael Davenport‚ 

Head of the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Serbia‚

Franco Frattini‚ 

President of the Italian Society for International Organizations (SIOI)‚

Gesine Schwan‚ 

President of the Humboldt-Viadrina Governance Platform; Chairwoman of the Basic Values Commission of the Social Democratic Party of Germany‚

Žaneta Ozoliņa‚ 

Professor, Department of political science, University of Latvia‚

Chair: Goran Buldioski‚ 

Director of the Think Tank Fund, Open Society Foundations‚

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13.30 - 13.50

Keynote Address

H.E. Aleksandar Vučić‚ 

Prime Minister, Government of the Republic of Serbia‚

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13.50 - 14.20

Closing Address

Sonja Licht‚ 

President, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence‚

Maja Bobić‚ 

Secretary General, European Movement in Serbia‚

Sonja Stojanović Gajić‚ 

Director, Belgrade Centre for Security Policy‚

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