CONCLUSIONS OF THE FIFTH BSF Belgrade Security Forum gathered over a hundred discussants, 10 young scholars and 600 domestic and foreign senior officials from European countries and the world, as well as representatives of the European Union, NATO, OSCE, German Marshall Fund, renowned scientific and research institutes, parliamentarians, civil society, and journalists.... Read
BSF APPEALS FOR EUROPEAN SOLUTION OF REFUGEE AND MIGRATION CRISIS Sonja Licht, on behalf of organisers, opened the day two of the 5th Belgrade Security Forum by giving an engaging welcoming speech. Firmly believing that the BSF should react to the ineffectiveness of the EU migration policy and indifference and solidarity of some EU member states, Ms. Licht urged all to support and sign the Belgrade Appeal. ... Read
Western Balkans: on the EU Path to Avoid Further Balkanization In order to become an integrative part of the EU family, it is necessary to implement all the European values, to include youth and work on the improvement of the educational system. It needs to be kept in mind that the lack of clear EU perspective would lead the Region to Balkanization of Europe.... Read

PM Vučić in the BSF Closing Ceremony

In the key note speech held at the closing ceremony of the 5th BSF, the Prime Minister of Serbia, H.E. Aleksandar Vučić thanked the Forum for its dedicated work and reflected upon the topic of the Forum.

Europe: No Achievement if Divided

Plenary Panel Improving the European Model of Governance: Ways forward was an exceptional platform to discuss current pressing issues and challenges that Europe is facing at the moment. The main focus was on the ongoing refugee crises directly linked to the future of European democracy and human rights as one of the founding principles of the European Union.

European Crisis of Values between Walls and Wires

At the panel When Nations Move - The Failure of Migration Policies one specific question was raised: how come when people fleeing from war migrate to Turkey or are drowning in Mediterranean see, Europe calls them refugees, but when they come to European territory they are suddenly becoming economic migrants?

No Similarity between Ukraina and Kosovo

The participants of the third Panel named The Crises in Ukraine Lessons (not)Learned from the Western Balkans, have agreed that there are no parallels to be drawn between the situation in Ukraine today, and the previously experienced situation in Kosovo.

Europe Needs to Fight Islamophobia at Home

Panel emphasized the importance of differentiating between Islam and political Islam. Panelists assessed how there was no such thing as European Political Islam, as some populist parties would have it. Growing islamophobia will only make the situation worse. “Muslims are not coming, they are already here in Europe for almost 14 centuries”, said Ismail Yaylaci.

OSCE is Great Tool but Dependent on Political Will

Plenary Panel opening the second day of the Belgrade Security Forum titled Reaffirmation of OSCE’s Role in Conflict Management heard eminent speakers views on several important questions regarding common OSCE vision for the Euro-Asian area; its influence managing the crisis in Ukraine; as well as the effectiveness of Serbian chairmanship, thus layering the discussion on overall relevance of the OSCE today.

BSF issues Belgrade Appeal

The organizers of Belgrade Security Forum, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, European Movement in Serbia and Belgrade Centre for Security Policy, issue the Belgrade Appeal. 

BSF organizers call other organizations and individuals to support this initiative by signing the Belgrade Appeal on line on

Understanding the Hydra of Radicalization

At the very end of another outstanding session the panelists agreed that the solution to the problem of radicalization that the entire world is confronted with is more than demanding. However, in the attempt to combat it to a certain extent societies need to work together, while including all sectors concerned, and by not expecting the police and the intelligence agencies to predict and prevent the problems on their own

Persistently and Patiently towards Normalization

The exact date cannot be foreseen at this particular moment; however it is clear that dragging along for a long period of time will not be sufficient, concluded the participants of the session Kosovo and Serbia - How much longer before normality? Participants stressed as critically important for both Serbia and Kosovo to remain patient and persistent and work together towards the normality.